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CAFIU Organizes Field Trips Entitled First-Hand Experience of China¡¯s Ecological and Environmental Protection Development
From July 21 to 22, 2022, the Chinese Association for International Understanding (hereinafter referred to as "CAFIU") held a series of field trips themed on First-Hand Experience of China¡¯s Ecological and Environmental Protection Development. About 30 international students from Beijing Normal University and young members of CAFIU participated in these field trips.
In Mangshan National Forest Park, after listening to the briefing by an expert of forestry on the development of reforestation in China, the participants visited the advanced forest monitoring facility and took a group photo in front of the lacebark pine, Chinese pine, yellow rose and Japanese cherry tree planted by Mr. Deng Xiaoping in 1983 and 1984. Through this visit, the participants learned that China's reforestation practice has evolved from simply planting more trees a few decades ago to building a healthy ecosystem for the forest and the conservation of biodiversity currently.
At Beijing Asuwei Integrated Garbage Treatment Center, the participants visited the exhibition hall and watched the waste sorting operation. Through seeing the application of modern garbage treatment technology with their own eyes, the participants learned that China's emphasis on environmental protection has expanded from paying attention to nature itself to regulating human behavior - the promotion of waste sorting.
In Beijing Nanhaizi Milu Park, an expert from Beijing Milu Ecological Research Center briefed on the history of the conservation of Milu and the participants watched the rare and endangered Milu from a very close distance. This visit allowed the participants to know that Chinese people¡¯s understanding of environmental protection has been further deepened, i.e. to integrate the human being with the nature and endeavors to bring the importance of maintaining the balance of ecosystem to the general public.
General Secretary Xi Jinping pointed out in the article Build an Eco-Civilization for Sustainable Development that "humanity and nature form a community of life. As human beings, we must respect nature, follow its ways, and protect it." The reason for CAFIU to organize this event is to popularize the idea of "humanity and nature forming a community of life ", to encourage more people to care about environmental protection, love nature, and jointly safeguard our home planet.
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