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Enhance Result-oriented Cooperation from a People-to-People Perspective, and Promote Green and Balanced Development
In the process of globalization in the new century, Xi Jinping, the President of China, has put forward the development concepts: innovation, coordination, greenness, openness and sharing. In recent years, Beijing NGO Association for International Exchanges (Beijing NGO), an association carrying out international communication among non-governmental organizations, has been following the trend of world development and adhering to the ¡®Green Development¡¯ concept to carry out rich, colorful and fruitful result-oriented cooperation in the field of environmental protection with the rest of the world.
1. Actively participating in international conference of UN body in the field of environmental protection, and continuously developing channels to increase people-to-people exchanges.
In 2009, Beijing NGO, cooperated with China NGO Network for International Exchanges, attended the United Nations Climate Change Conference for the first time. During the conference in Doha, Qatar, 2012, Beijing NGO successfully acquired the status of observer group of United Nations Climate Change Conference. By the stage of the Conference, Beijing NGO organized NGOs of Beijing to discuss the topics related to climate change and environmental protection and held Beijing NGO in Action photo exhibitions, which had introduced the environmental protection project of Beijing NGO, effectively promoted the work of NGOs in Beijing cultivating the environmental protection consciousness of the youth, carrying out energy conservation and emissions reduction activities, and advocating green travel and environmental protection.
2. Increasing understanding, strengthening cooperation and jointly promoting the green development through reciprocal visits.
In recent years, Beijing NGO has organized and sent delegations to visit Japan and Singapore at the invitation of Japan China New Century Association and Singapore China Friendship Association for the implementation of Green Beijing Action Plan (2010-2012), and emphatically studied the experience of environmental protection of the two countries and garbage classifications processing technology. It sent a working group to visit Switzerland and Finland to have talks with the relevant environmental protection groups of the two countries and reached broad consensus. It has received Japan China Youth Technology Exchange Association for many times to conduct communications and discussions in view of the environmental protection technology and measures and arrange its members like Beijing Association for Science and Technology, Beijing Environmental Protection Foundation to carry out panel discussion with fruitful results; Beijing NGO and its members held the 15th China and South Korea College Students Volunteer Exchange Camp, and China-South Korea Youth Exchanges, during which the college students of the three countries have made statements and presentations around topics such as ¡®Youth and Ecological City¡¯ on China, South Korea, and Japan Environmental Forum and promoted the exchanges and cooperation among the youth of the three countries in the field of environmental protection through forums. In April 2016, at the invitation of Japanese Youth Conference, Beijing NGO sent a working group to visit Japan again, emphatically studied the good experience of promoting regional energy conservation and environmental protection of Japan, and strengthened the bilateral exchanges and cooperation between the young entrepreneurs in the environmental protection field.
3. Hosting events with international organizations and members of Beijing NGO to promote the environmental protection concept deeply rooted in the hearts of the people.
Since 2014, Beijing NGO has continuously organized the ¡®Earth Hour¡¯ jointly with the World Wide Fund for Nature (WWF) ration. In March 2016, the two sides, once again hand in hand, held the ¡®Earth Hour¡¯ Light-out Campaign in Beijing. Focusing on sustainable consumption, it has put forward the concept: ¡®To Blue Life¡¯ to call on the public to practice a sustainable way of life and consumption in daily life from food, music, clothing, accommodation and transportation. Beijing NGO, jointly with its member units, hosted ¡®The Third International Organizations in Beijing Series Environmental Protection Symposium Promoting Friendship¡¯, and nearly 50 representatives from more than 10 international organizations in Beijing and enterprises like the World Wide Fund for Nature, Greenpeace, and so on attended the meeting. This activity has spread the environmental initiatives to the whole society and promoted the development of ¡®Humanistic Beijing, Science and Technology Beijing and Green Beijing¡¯. To better promote the Beijing environmental protection work and strengthen the environmental protection consciousness of the citizen, Beijing NGO has also organized the ¡®International Woman's Environmental Protection Communication Activities¡¯, further improved the consciousness of ¡®Green Ecological Environment Starts from Me, Everyone Involved in a Wonderful Homeland¡¯ of international organizations, international friends and NGOs in Beijing.
Everybody is responsible for the green development, and everyone shares the fruits. In order to promote the NGOs around the world to conduct exchanges in more fields around the ¡®Green Development¡¯ in the current situation, we will do the jobs in the following several aspects:
1. Themed on ¡®Green Development¡¯, strengthening personnel exchanges and environmental communication.
Green is the main melody of the sustainable development of global economy in the 21st century. Chinese President Xi Jinping has initiated ¡®Belt and Road¡¯ initiative, one of its important content is to deepen the cooperation in environmental protection, practice the green development concept, intensify the protection of ecological environment and make green silk road hand in hand to achieve win-win cooperation and common development. The NGOs from around the world also want to play their own characteristics and advantages. We should strengthen personnel exchanges, complement each other and learn from each other in the field of environmental protection with ¡®Green Development¡¯ as the theme.
2. Taking environmental exchanges as an opportunity to promote practical exchanges and cooperation extensively and broadly.
With environmental exchanges as a start, the NGOs of different countries should take advantage of this opportunity to actively promote more extensive practical exchanges and cooperation on areas like economic and trade, science and technology, culture, health care, education, youth, and so on. The exchanges play a more important role in embodying social consensus, promoting benign interaction between the government and the folk, assisting in global economic governance, and enhancing the communication and understanding between peoples all over the world, Efforts should be made to create the community of shared destiny, benefit, and responsibility.
                                       (Secretariat, Beijing NGO Association for International Exchanges)

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