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International Exchanges of Beijing Capital Agribusiness Group  
Industry Associations Play a Pivotal Role in Ushering in a New Era for International Exchanges  
Improve Influence of China over World Tourism Industry With a Sound Platform of Cooperation for World Tourist Cities  
Facilitating Local Economic Development through Efforts that Center on National Diplomatic Strategies  
Learning from Others and Starting Built-to-last Companies  
My Journey to Artistic Peak  
An unforgettable trip to Munich  
Build a Cultural Bridge for International Exchanges through Dancing  
Bring into Full Play the Role of Youth in the Arena of Public Diplomacy  
Chinese Dream in My Heart  
Calligraphy: A Bridge of Art for International Cultural Exchanges  
China¡¯s NGOs in Building Beautiful China  
Making Contribution to the Hometown through Entrepreneurship  
Tapping Advantages and Expanding Internationaland Domestic Networks for Further Integrating Jiangxi with the Rest of the World  
Tidal Star Group: Catching Up with Global Wave and Keeping Contact with Friends Home and Abroad  
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