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China-India Relations Enter a New Stage of Development  
Explore China-Latin America Multiple Cooperation Under the Framework of Globalization  
Long-lasting Peace and Common Prosperity  
Summary of Major Issues in China's Foreign Relations in 2006  
Trends of Thought of World Politics in 2006  
Ten Features of the International Situation in 2007  
The World Sees Vicissitudes with Year in Year out  
The Dynamic Centre of the New Global Economic Landscape  
More International Cooperation for Better Buildings  
The Governance Pattern of Public-Private Partnership in Global Governance  
The Role of German NGOs in International Cultural Exchanges  
EU¡¯s Fate after the French Election  
Rethinking China¡¯s Soft Power Building in Africa  
The Role and Function of British NGOs in International Cultural Exchanges  
Interconnectivity Determines Competitiveness in the 21st Century:  
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